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Primary Location: 43063 Peacock Market Plaza, South Riding, Virginia 20152

Our Story

Mike Carlson, founder of South Riding CrossFit, is a health and fitness enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit. Mike has been actively engaged in CrossFit shortly after being introduced to CrossFit and the CrossFit games in 2007. Since then, Mike has been a practicing athlete and a strong advocate for the program’s ability to transform individuals’ emotional, physical and mental well-being. Given his active engagement, Mike can personally attest to CrossFit’s impact on overall health and wellness. Though he has been a champion of the personal impact, Mike longed for a club that welcomed family participation so that he could share CrossFit with his wife and four children. Unable to find an existing club that welcomed the collaborative involvement, Mike tapped his entrepreneurial spirit to create South Riding CrossFit.

South Riding CrossFit is a unique and extraordinary experience because we bring the proven techniques of CrossFit into an environment that fosters community spirit and family participation. South Riding CrossFit offers couples fitness counseling and training, childcare services and family events that allow parents and their children to share CrossFit experiences and build long-lasting memories. South Riding CrossFit will also be offering weekly classes aimed specifically at youth to cultivate a passion for fitness as part of their regular health maintenance routine.

In addition to being a family-centric facility, South Riding CrossFit offers customized services to meet the individual needs of each and every member. Whether an accomplished fitness enthusiast, an aspiring athlete or someone looking for a new way to challenge the mind and body, South Riding CrossFit develops a tailored plan and approach to help you achieve your individual goals. Staffed with certified trainers and nutritionists, we work with you to create a plan and then lead you to success.