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Muscle Hypertrophy Training

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Muscle Hypertrophy Training

We all want to look and feel better. Muscle hypertrophy training is designed for the novice and advanced athlete to build muscle and to educate you on the WHY you are doing what you are doing.

“Muscle hypertrophy training, or doing resistance training that builds your muscles, is something everyone who wants to live a long, healthy, lean life should know about. Hypertrophy that is functional is not just for athletes, body-builders, or young men. Rather, everyone will benefit from functional hypertrophy training because at its most basic level, this style of strength training will improve your body composition, make you more agile, mobile, and strong.” Charles Poliquin (CP)

Schedule: 6 weeks, 2 times a week, morning (8a) and evening (7:30p) classes available

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